Belleville Has A Coffee Shop!

I have been SO excited to finally have a cute little coffee shop in our downtown of Belleville, Michigan. It’s called Crafted Beanery and is located right on Main Street in the rear of the Crafted Gift Shop. This addition to the city is super exciting since it is just a short couple blocks from my own home, making it a perfect destination for a walk with the family.

One day when the kids had a day off of school, we did just that to grab ourselves some treats. Upon entry, Carmen was there to great us with a warm welcome and a big smile that spilled out beyond the mask she wore.

Crafted Beanery menu

With so many irresistibly tempting sweet treats and a menu of various tasty sounding beverages, it was a difficult decision for this indecisive gal. But in the end I decided on a big ol’ “let’s push through this day” cup of plain coffee for myself (though it tasted anything but “plain”…it was wonderfully full of flavor). My son selected a caramel latte and a gluten-free chocolate brownie while the girl selected a ginormous peanut butter cookie. I may have bribed her to share a bit with me…let me just say, YUUUUMMM!

We took our goodies home to enjoy that day since indoor dining had been closed, plus it was windy and cold outside. However, I did get a glimpse and a quick pick of their cute and cozy little dine in space. I can not wait until we are able to sit and chill there. I foresee having quite a few buyer consultations there in the months to come.

You can even order online at! Check it out!

Crafted Beanery cafe

Not only do they have a cafe, but there is also an amazing gift shop attached that features beautiful treasures from numerous local artisans. It’s the perfect spot to find a unique and thoughtful gift for someone special.

Have you been to Crafted Beanery yet…Please tell me your favorite menu item so I can be sure to give it a try on my next visit!

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